PLM-4Px2x Power amplifier

PLM-4Px2x Power amplifier
  • 4‑channel, Class D power amplifier
  • 100V/70V/8Ω/4Ω outputs
  • Complete loudspeaker processing DSP with input mixing; controlled by PC GUI and iOS app
  • Amp Link to connect easily with PLM-8M8
  • Environmentally friendly auto standby mode

Product variants

PLM-4P125 Snažno pojačalo, 4x125W

Amplifier, digital sound processor, 4 channels, 125 W.

Commercial Type No.: PLM-4P125
Product No.: F.01U.269.006

PLM-4P220 Snažno pojačalo, 4x220W

Amplifier, digital sound processor, 4 channels, 220 W.

Commercial Type No.: PLM-4P220
Product No.: F.01U.269.005

PLM-8M8 Mikser, 8-kanalni

Mixer, digital sound processor, 8 channels.

Commercial Type No.: PLM-8M8
Product No.: F.01U.269.004