LBC3099/41 Stropni zvučnik, 24W, 8"

Commercial Type No.: LBC3099/41
Product No.: F.01U.026.342

LBC3099/41 Ceiling loudspeaker, 24W, 8
  • Excellent speech and music reproduction
  • High sound pressure level
  • Ideal for high-ceiling applications
  • Flush mounted in ceilings
  • Clamp mounting
  • Simple power setting
  • Unobtrusive white metal grille
  • Ball-proof
  • Complies with international installation and safety regulations
  • BS 5839‑8 and EN 60849 compliant


LBC3082/00 Metal fire dome for LBC3099/41

LBC3082/00 Metal fire dome for LBC3099/41

Metal fire dome for LBC 3099/41 ceiling loudspeaker, Flame red RAL 3000.

Commercial Type No.: LBC3082/00
Product No.: F.01U.012.802