LBC3951/11 Stropni zvučnik, 6W, 4"

Commercial Type No.: LBC3951/11
Product No.: F.01U.004.660

LBC3951/11 Ceiling loudspeaker, 6W, 4
  • Compact yet powerful
  • Very wide opening angle
  • Modern unobtrusive styling
  • Installation friendly
  • Splash - waterproof
  • Comply with international installation and safety regulations


LBC1256/00 Ceramic connection adapter

LBC1256/00 Ceramic connection adapter

Emergency connection adapter, 3-pole screw ceramic connector with a pre-mounted thermal fuse, to be installed in series with the 100 V primary connection of a loudspeaker unit, set of 100 pieces.

Commercial Type No.: LBC1256/00
Product No.: F.01U.505.935