4998117564 Gumb za slučaj nužde, LSN

Commercial Type No.: 4998117564
Product No.: 4.998.117.564

4998117564 Panic button, LSN
  • Panic button in LSN technology
  • For connecting to a LSN intrusion panel via LSN bus
  • Tamper contact
  • Surface– or flush–mounting of the cable
  • Compatible with optional cap with cover


3902115343 Plastic cover for ND100/200

For additional protective cover to prevent false alarms

Commercial Type No.: 3902115343
Product No.: 3.902.115.343


IMI-SEAL-P Seal paper for hold-up buttons, 10pcs

Seal paper for hold-up buttons, 10pcs

Commercial Type No.: IMI-SEAL-P
Product No.: F.01U.275.632