FAP-325 FAP-325 Analog Photoelectric Smoke Sens.

Commercial Type No.: FAP-325
Product No.: F.01U.132.984

FAP-325 FAP-325 Analog Photoelectric Smoke Sens.
  • Handles air velocity from 0 ft/min to 4000 ft/min (0 m/s to 20.32 m/s)
  • Adjustable threshold smoke level (determined by FACP)
  • Provides automatic compensation values in case of detector contamination
  • Mounts on FAA‑325‑B4 Analog Detector Base and the FAA‑325‑B6S Analog Sounder Base
  • Easy detector removal for cleaning and servicing
  • Overview
    Operating Voltage Range 24 VDC to 40.7 VDC
    Current Consumption Typical: 0.39A Maximum: 0.54 mA
    Operating Temperature +14°F to +122°F (-10°C to +50°C)
    UL‑listed Installation Temperature +32°F to +100°F (0°C to +37.8°C)
    Relative Humidity 95%, non‑condensing at +104°F (+40°C)
    Dimensions (diameter x D) 3.94 in. x 1.5 in. (10 cm x 3.8 cm)
    Weight 3.4 oz (96.4 g)
    Material ABS Blend
    Color Ivory
    Air Velocity of 300 ft/min (1.5 m/s) 0.88%/ft to 3.57%/ft (2.9%/m to 11.7%/m)
    Air Velocity of 2000 ft/min (10.2 m/s) 0.88%/ft to 2.81%/ft (2.9%/m to 9.2%/m)
    Air Velocity of 4000 ft/min (20.32 m/s) 0.88%/ft to 2.52%/ft (2.9%/m to 8.3%/m)


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