FAH-325 FAH-325 Analog Heat Sensor

Commercial Type No.: FAH-325
Product No.: F.01U.132.985

FAH-325 FAH-325 Analog Heat Sensor
  • Adjustable threshold temperature range of +135°F (+57.2°C) to +150°F (+65.6°C) in increments of 2.0°F (1.1°C)
  • Mounts on FAA‑325‑B4 and FAA‑325‑B6 Analog Detector Bases and the FAA‑325‑B6S Analog Sounder Base
  • Easy detector removal for cleaning and servicing
  • EEPROM addressing with the D5070 Analog Device Programmer between addresses 1 and 127
  • Two LEDs for 360º view showing polling and detector status
  • Digital data communications and power over a two‑conductor circuit