FAS-420-TT2-SL Det. za usisavanje dima, tihi 2 cijevi

Commercial Type No.: FAS-420-TT2-SL
Product No.: F.01U.083.874

FAS-420-TT2-SL Aspiration smoke detector silent 2 pipes
  • Connectable to the fire panels FPA‑5000 and FPA‑1200 with the improved LSN technology
  • High deceptive alarm immunity with intelligent signal processing LOGIC·SENS
  • Innovative airflow monitoring including single-hole monitoring detects obstruction and breakage
  • Initial set-up made easy by automatic initialization
  • Easy diagnostics through flash code on the Detector Module or by using the FAS‑ASD‑DIAG diagnostic software
  • Simple implementation of the pipe system planning through patented Aspiration reducing Film Sheets
  • Maintains LSN loop functions in the event of wire interruption or short-circuit thanks to two integrated isolators
  • SL-versions: Noise reduction to 38 dB(A) by extremely quiet fan and up to 34 dB(A) with additional sound absorber

Belongs to

FAS‑420 Series Aspirating Smoke Detectors LSN improved version

use the latest detection technology for early fire detection in area and equipment monitoring, as well as for the monitoring of air conditioning units or ducts.