AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 – See it before it spreads

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AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 is a new solution for reliable and early fire detection in challenging environments. It can also secure areas where no other solutions exist.


Improvements of Bosch


Bosch’s new video-based fire detection system represents a new generation in threat-detection capabilities. Utilizing a unique, scientifically tested physical detection model, Bosch technology spots fires and disturbances, predicts behavior to reduce false alarms and speeds reaction time – helping you stop threats before they spread.

State-of-the-art fire detectors normally are installed at the ceiling. In case of a fire at floor level smoke has to reach the detector mounted at the ceiling. That’s why the detection time depends particularly on the height of the ceiling.

AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 detects flames and smoke at the source. It works with superior intelligent algorithms where the pictures are analyzed and processed. These algorithms base on a physical fire model and can easily be adjusted to the customer’s needs. The high quality Bosch cameras being a part of AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 allow to detect flames and smoke within seconds even in challenging conditions. The alarm will be transmitted via network and/or relay.

The detection is integrated into the cameras itself making no further analyzing equipment necessary. In parallel the Intelligent Video Analytics runs automatic surveillance tasks, e.g. crossing line, following route, idle object.



Features Benefits
Detection of flame and smoke Identify even hidden fires, smoldering fires and burning liquids.
Fast detection at the source Detect fires where they start, speeding reaction times, improving rescue response and minimizing damage at the site.
No masking necessary Detect fires using the camera's entire field of view in most cases.
Intelligence in camera Detect disturbances using raw data with no transmission or compression.
Live streaming Monitor environnements live and speed up rescue response.
Video storage Perform root-cause analysis with recorded videos.


Why AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000?


Fast Detection

  • Advanced unique algorithms
  • Rapid detection at source
  • Minimizes damage

Robust Intelligence

  • Intelligently filters out disturbances
  • Nearly no false alarms

Cost Savings

  • Less equipment
  • Easier installation

AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 as a solution


While smoke detectors remain a vital component in nearly all scenarios, certain environments can benefit from additional protection. Where high ceilings are present, detecting a fire before it reaches a distant smoke detector can save valuable reaction time. Just as important is the ability to correctly distinguish fire and smoke from other disturbances that trigger false alarms – and lead to financial ramifications.

AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 is the right choice for e.g. industry, transportation, warehouses and energy & utilities to minimize detection time with low false alarm rates. AVIOTEC IP starlight 8000 is the perfect answer for these kind of venues.

Improving the rescue chain by fast detection and situational awareness protects life and minimizes damage.